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對於想考取多益高分的考生來說,配分比重高達百分之四十的第三部分「簡短對話」(Short Conversations)是必須把握的題型。然而,多益對話的主題非常多元,涵蓋談判、訂購、購買租賃、產品研發等等。面對多元的主題與相關的字彙,考生除了勤練聽力、累積字彙外,還可以如何準備「簡短對話」呢?



抱怨 回答
I'm calling to complain about one of your salespeople. What seems to be the problem?
I'm sorry, but I'm not satisfied with my steak. It's too tough. I'm so sorry. Let me have the chef cook you another one.
Would you mind turning down your music? It's too loud. Oops, sorry. I didn't notice that.
Excuse me, but you're standing on my foot. Oh, I'm so sorry.
提供解決方式 回答
How about we refund your money and send you a new USB at no charge? That sounds good to me.
We're sorry about the air conditioning not working. Would it be OK if we sent a technician to you tomorrow? No. I don't think so. It's really hot here now.



1. What does the woman complain about?
(A) Wrong size
(B) Damaged goods
(C) Late delivery
(D) Wrong color

2. What does the man say about his company?
(A) It is doing well.
(B) It is low season.
(C) It is very busy now.
(D) It is in financial trouble.

3. What does the man offer to do?
(A) Give the woman a discount
(B) Refund the woman's money
(C) Send the woman a new skirt
(D) Pick up the wrong skirt in person


Step 1: 閱讀題目,判斷題型


Step 2: 專心聽對話,利用句型聽出答案


W: Hi, I ordered a skirt last week and the order arrived this morning. The problem is, I ordered a light blue skirt, but you sent me a dark one. I'm sorry to complain, but this is the second time I received a wrong order from you.
M: I'm really sorry that we messed up your order, ma'am. It's our peak season now. How about we send you a new skirt and you keep the other one?
W: Yeah. That sounds fine to me.

第一題的話,女子在對話的一開始提到「問題是,我訂了一件淺藍色的裙子,可是你們寄給我深藍色的裙子」(The problem is, I ordered a light blue skirt, but you sent me a dark one.),所以答案為(D) Wrong color。至於第二題,男子提到「現在是我們的旺季」(It's our peak season now.),所以答案是(C) It is very busy now.。至於第三題,男子提到「我們寄給妳一件新的裙子,然後舊的給妳好不好?」(How about we send you a new skirt and you keep the other one?),所以答案是(C) Send the woman a new skirt。



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