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Gjun English aims to be a pioneer in language teaching.

Situational teaching

Our interactive teaching method allows students to practice English freely in creative ways. Our learning environment motivates students to incorporate English into their lives and become passionate about their learning.

Language level classification

Based on CEFR, our language courses are divided into six proficiency levels (L1-L6). From placement tests to level exit tests, our systematic curriculum helps students progress along the proficiency levels quickly.

Teaching with technology

One of Gjun English’s most outstanding features is teaching with technology. We provide a variety of learning resources, including multimedia materials, online pre-recorded courses, apps, and online tutoring.

Top-quality teachers

We employ a rigorous process to recruit our teachers. Regular class visits and student evaluations help us monitor teaching quality.

WIPPEA model

We employ the WIPPEA model. Different from the traditional English teaching method in Taiwan, WIPPEA helps learners practice English naturally and effectively. WIPPEA activities make learning easy and fun.

39 branches nationwide

Gjun English has 39 branches all around the island. One can enroll at one branch and have classes at any of the others. We provide teaching both online and face-to-face.

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