Learning English
is SoEasy!


Language is the basis for international mobility

Technology has revolutionized the world. Then trend of globalization is unstoppable. Benson Chung, the founder of Gjun Information, believes that apart from technology, English also plays a key role in this era of globalization. He established Gjun English in 2001 based on this belief.

Learning can be fun

Different from the traditional English teaching methods in Taiwan, our teaching method is based on the idea that learning must connect to students’ lives and experiences. Our R&D team has devised an innovative method that makes learning a joyful experience. For years, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering top-quality teaching in order to meet our students’ diverse needs. Now we are the largest provider of in-person and online language learning in Taiwan.

Helping students grow is our core value

We want to help students improve their English so that they can grow as people. Gjun English is more than a language learning provider. We represent a force of change. We hope our students will broaden their understanding of the world and become better versions of themselves.

Better than you were yesterday

Language is power. When you grow stronger, change happens. Gjun English is now 20 years old. We strive to get better every day, hand in hand with our students.

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