“Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.” - Aristotle

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” You may not see an implication of English teaching on a Gjun store sign. We focus on the content, such as teachers.

Finding a teaching job in Taiwan is not difficult, but enjoying one may not be as easy. We are proud of providing an outstanding learning environment for both our students and teachers. At Gjun teachers will have opportunities to learn from observing other classes to receive training to sharpen teaching skills.

Additionally, we have regular workshops for instructors to share their precious teaching ideas and experiences with one another. Meanwhile, it is a great opportunity to network with people around the world to share life in Taiwan. Participated teachers always ask for more! We much value the teacher development and teachers’ efforts.

Gjun English offers various types of Instructor Rewards, such as Referral Reward, Full Attendance and so on. Teachers who seek for excellence and show dedication at work are highly appreciated. Thus, the rules and types of rewards renew regularly. Please do not hesitate to contact your teaching supervisor at branch to get the latest programs.