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City/ County where you are willing to teach : Tick up to 3 places


Gjun /jee-jun/ English is looking for a dedicated, responsible English instructors to teach adults. In class, the English instructor will allocate, at least, 40% of one class on interacting with students. The Instructor will communicate with a branch teaching supervisor constantly to achieve a score of 85% or above on class questionnaires to stabilize teaching quality and to prevent students from complaining about anything which is teaching related.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Give an interactive class with activities such as group discussion, role plays, and so on.
  • Arrive at branch 20 minutes prior to a start of class to prepare and to be available for student consultation.
  • Teach in accordance with a given course syllabus, not go ahead or fall behind the schedule.


  • Bachelor’s degree or above.
  • Enthusiasm in teaching.
  • Work ethics.


  • TEFL/ TESOL/ CELTA Certificate.

Since its debut in 1986, Gjun /jee-jun/ is, nowadays, the largest computer-learning chain school. Launched in 2001, Gjun English has grown into one of the Taiwan’s leading language institute of teaching English to adults. Gjun English has more than 40 brick and mortar branches all over Taiwan. It symbolizes a brand being trustworthy and reliable at an age of web-based tutoring classes blooming. The successful candidate passes one job interview; he or she gets teaching opportunities in other Gjun English branches in the same city or another, such as Taipei City and New Taipei City. Some branches are only a few metro stops away from one another.