Sensing global trends which render English a significant tool navigating immersive career opportunities, Gjun Language Institute is the first language learning institution granted ISO Certification in Taiwan. We have more than 700 teachers teaching English to adults in brick and mortar branches all over Taiwan.

Established in 2001, Gjun has developed a diverse range of electives courses. You can shape your own learning experience thru circular group classes, English Conversation Activities Members (ECAM) program, after-class tutoring and monthly courses of top current issues.


Conversation Courses
Listening and Speaking Courses
Grammar and Writing Courses
Practical Theme Courses
Private Tutoring
Business English
Tests Preparation for GEPT, TOEIC and IELTS
Vocabulary and Reading
Travel English
TED Talks and CNN

Gjun Staff

Known as being "Professional", "Service-oriented" and "Helpful", Gjun staff have aimed to provide a warm but professional environment for the past two decades.

Gjun employs qualified and experienced teachers only. Evaluations of teaching and branch service are executed at the end of each course to ensure the teaching quality meets the needs of our valued students.

Gjun provides premium services for students, including following up learning progress of a student and being attentive to his or her learning problems.

The course consultants are well trained to give thorough learning advice and course information. Having students' best interests in mind, they plan a custom-made course schedule for each individual student.

Teaching with Technology

One of Gjun’s most outstanding features is teaching with technology. In the classroom, various kinds of technology can be used to intensify student’s learning by supporting instructional objectives, such as online tutoring, online multimedia learning, smart pen, learning apps, white board, and more.

All the technologies allow us to try things that were not possible before in our physical classrooms, which we are very certain can add so much value to teacher’s guidance as well as student’s performance.

Learner Environment

Gjun provides a Five-Star environment to make learning English stress-free and enjoyable. Each of our branches provides:

World-wide Scenery Classrooms

Exotic decorations make learning fun.

Tutoring Zone

Unlike typical classrooms, tutoring zones are furnished with comfortable chairs making learning relaxing.

Multimedia Zone

Students are able to use multimedia resources to do after-class practice.

Self-Study Zone

The area has various types of learning resources allowing students to enhance their language skills at any time.